The other day I found myself in a large NHS waiting area with a considerable amount of time on my hands and little to amuse me other than earwigging into the conversations that were going on all around me. (I know, this is the UK. Why were they talking to each other? Surely they should all have maintained a taciturn demeanour mixed in with the odd suspicious glance cast at their neighbours. Perhaps Brexit has changed all that?) The talk was of inconsequential issues. The minutiae of life that is of great import to the individual but of little value to the rest of us. But I did notice something. One subject kept on rearing its head. It didn’t matter[…]

The way things are going there is likely to be a second referendum/general election over Brexit. And if/when that happens I suspect a browbeaten and fearful British public will vote to remain in the EU BUT what would happen if the EU refused to accept this reversal in public attitude and insist that the UK leave the EU as per Article 50? Think about it for a moment. The EU could insist on a whole new set of concessions from the UK. Force through the EU’s declared desire to end vetoes on important issues. Require the UK to raise its tax levels to make us less competitive. Demand the relocation of major financial businesses from London to Paris and Frankfurt.[…]

Warning: I have no evidence to back up my opinion. I base this on what I’ve seen of Boris Johnson, politics in general and human nature. Lots of people like to think of Boris as just a tousled haired buffoon. That’s a mistake. He plays a role and he plays it very well. This latest furore, concerning his opinions on banning the burqa and what he thinks about those who wear it, is more about attacking Theresa May than an attack on Muslims. They are just a convenient whipping boy. (And let’s be honest, Muslims are not exactly popular amongst the British population no matter what the liberal media might say or do.) Frankly, the whole episode is a trap.[…]

My response to a comment about my invitation to Mr Trump to come and take tea with me in my humble abode in Lincoln. —————– If I only do business/associate/befriend/listen to people who have never said or done anything just as crass and stupid as Donald Trump then I’d be a pretty lonely person. I’ve witnessed both men and women saying things equally as bad if not far worse as Trump’s widely reported pussy grabbing comment. I’ve also witnessed behaviour that was also reprehensible. (E.G. Dancing on the bonnet of someone’s car, leaving it quite battered.) Some other examples of comments that I’ve personally witnessed come to mind….(Forgive the paraphrasing and I’ve omitting the names of the various “criminals” to[…]

David Davis has resigned over May’s Brexit that isn’t Brexit proposal. Supposedly, this is a big deal. If you believe the very excited chatter on social media then Theresa May would appear to have the political life expectancy of an ice cube in a blast furnace. I’m not so sure if that’s true or if she is all that concerned about her career. Let’s face it, Brexit was never going to be easy or painless. The EU made that abundantly clear during the referendum campaign. (Yet many people seem to not have noticed this at all. We’re they asleep?) That didn’t bother me as I felt, and still do feel, that the relatively short term pain was worth it in[…]

As the days go by it seems more and more likely that my prediction that Brexit will never happen is coming to pass. I know that there are many out there who’d be utterly delighted by this turn of affairs but I warn them that the EU isn’t above holding grudges or seeking a bit of revenge against those who have crossed the line of acceptable behaviour, in their eyes. Here’s a few guesses as to the price we will have to pay if Brexit doesn’t happen: The total loss of the UK’s EU rebate. We will be expected to ante up as a form of compensation for all the hurt and extra work we have put the EU through. The[…]

The EU seems hellbent on trying to justify its existence with greater and greater desperation. It is almost as if they feel threatened, but I cannot think why that might be the case. The recent GDPR implementation is a good example of meddling as a justification for their existence, at least it does to me. GDPR is a joke, in my humble opinion. It has left institutions, here in the UK, applying serious restrictions where commonsense once prevailed. To the point that a local educational institution of my acquaintance is now encrypting ALL their emails because they think it’s required under GDPR legislation. Even the most innocuous communications have to be laboriously decrypted via the Microsoft website – when it[…]

About 15 minutes after the UK electorate shocked the Powers That Be (PTB) by voting for Brexit the campaign started to overturn the referendum’s result. Now let me be clear, I don’t have a problem with that. Nor do I have a problem with the many people who have openly called for an end to Brexit. If the result had been the other way around, Remain winning instead of Brexit, then I’m pretty sure the Brexit community would have fought just as tenaciously for another referendum. My problem is that I think the Remainers are succeeding. Here are my reasons for this pessimistic assessment: MSM The mainstream media, well most of it, are relentlessly pushing the message that Brexit =[…]

Here’s the BBC news item which clearly states that the UK government will hold a public consultation  to ask interested parties about the practice of covering buildings with flammable cladding. Does this really take a public consultation to discover if this is a bad thing or not? Did the Grenfell Tower fire not make it abundantly clear that covering dwellings with flammable materials isn’t a good idea? Surely the government can just make a decision to ban this without all the waste of time and money a public consultation will involve? What else is the government going to hold a public consultation on? Here are a few other ideas for those dedicated to wasting taxpayers’ hard earned cash: Is execution a suitable[…]

I admit it, I am a news junkie. I love the way it enables me to see the world without having to traipse around the globe myself. I like the comments you get on news sites and social media, getting “normal” people’s reactions to the issues of the day instead of the usual rent a gob commentators and pundits. Everyday it holds the promise of something new and unexpected. But not yesterday. Yesterday, another school in the USA was attacked by a lone gunman. Yesterday, children and staff at a school were murdered. The killer, okay the “alleged” killer, used a firearm to kill, maim and terrify. Oh, and not just any firearm. He has supposedly admitted to using what seems[…]