Here’s the BBC news item which clearly states that the UK government will hold a public consultation  to ask interested parties about the practice of covering buildings with flammable cladding. Does this really take a public consultation to discover if this is a bad thing or not? Did the Grenfell Tower fire not make it abundantly clear that covering dwellings with flammable materials isn’t a good idea? Surely the government can just make a decision to ban this without all the waste of time and money a public consultation will involve? What else is the government going to hold a public consultation on? Here are a few other ideas for those dedicated to wasting taxpayers’ hard earned cash: Is execution a suitable[…]

I view the human race as my personal entertainment system and the current US presidential contest has really delivered on that front. Here are my highlights so far. 1. The way both sides have been trying to make out that their candidate cares about you and your needs. What a pile of mouldering moose dung! They will lie, cheat, obfuscate and bluster until their lungs collapse just so you, the “dear sheeple”, will believe what they say. All politicians are in it for THEMSELVES. They are there to grab as much booty as they can and to Hell with you and your snivelling little lives. I’ve even heard radio interviews with the “dear sheeple” who talk as if a candidate is[…]

I’m forced to acknowledge that my knowledge of “yoof” culture has never been very good, even when I was young. But last night I was “treated” to a valuable lesson in current “yoof” culture for which I am truly grateful. About 23:30 I noticed that the amount of noise emanating from the road outside my home was rather more than usual. A brief twitch of the curtains furnished me with the reason. A group of “yoof”, seemingly having been turfed out of someone’s nearby abode, were continuing their party on the pavement adjacent to the A161 in Epworth. The group of “yoof”, who did seem to have recently imbibed no small measure of intoxicating beverages, proceeded to inform the entire[…]