I admit it, I am a news junkie. I love the way it enables me to see the world without having to traipse around the globe myself. I like the comments you get on news sites and social media, getting “normal” people’s reactions to the issues of the day instead of the usual rent a gob commentators and pundits. Everyday it holds the promise of something new and unexpected. But not yesterday. Yesterday, another school in the USA was attacked by a lone gunman. Yesterday, children and staff at a school were murdered. The killer, okay the “alleged” killer, used a firearm to kill, maim and terrify. Oh, and not just any firearm. He has supposedly admitted to using what seems[…]

It’s been a long while since I last posted due to events that got seriously out of hand and an unscheduled stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure (NHS rather than HMP) but the latest terrorist attack has forced me from my metaphorical sick bed. …. Today London was subjected to another terrorist attack. Fortunately an attack that was, reportedly, only partly successful. Thus the numbers of injured are relatively low and there are no deaths reported. Something we can all be grateful for. The first thing that struck me, as I self-medicated in front of the television, was my automatic assumption that this was the work of a Muslim terrorist. As I write there have yet to be any announcements on[…]

You’ve probably heard of the concept of “no platforming” but it would appear there are some people who want to take it just a little bit further than the stage of your local university lecture theatre. There’s a petition on change.org that is calling for the media to “Stop giving Nigel Farage air time on television, in the press or the Internet.”  The idea some people have come up with is that if you don’t like someone’s political views then they shouldn’t have the right to expound them in a way you might possibly be exposed to them.  This kind of approach to life in general, and politics in particular, worries the crap out of me. I also think that[…]

In answer to a blog post by that arch greenie Caroline Lucas…. ————– Pubs are meeting places that bring people together? No. That’s more likely to be the local community centre or, in this day and age, an online forum or social media group. Maybe even the local coffee shop, but not the pub. Pubs are businesses that are dying because our society has changed AND the taxes and regulatory burden they operate under means that they are no longer economically viable. Does that mean we should attempt to save them? No, of course not and here’s one reason why…. We have had a number of public houses close in my rural area. One closure, and subsequent demotion, generated complaints[…]

Today there’s a big conference in London with about 80 Defence Ministers from all over the world gather together to talk about peacekeeping. Why? Well some might say it’s about making the world a safer place for all people. Some might say that it’s a way to coordinate the efforts of many to prevent further states failing and descending into chaos. They might even say, at the end of their list of reasons, something about preventing mass migrations. I suspect that, if the politicians from Western countries were being honest, they’d admit that this is all about preventing further mass migrations from the likes of Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe and North America. An issue that is fast becoming THE political hot[…]

Recently I have witnessed multiple incidents of cyclists flouting the rules of the road with an impunity that is almost awe inspiring. The only group who have the same level of contempt for other roads users are the ubiquitous White Van drivers. I have witnessed… A woman cycling the WRONG way down a road. A cyclist cutting across a roundabout even though they couldn’t not have seen if there was any oncoming traffic. Large groups of cyclists bunched up and blocking a 60 mile an hour A road. Cyclists zooming through red lights without concern for other traffic or the pedestrians using the crossings. Pairs of cyclists riding side by side on narrow A roads – effectively reducing all traffic[…]