My MP, Andrew Percy (Conservative), has done something that many of us ask for but I wonder if either his party leadership or the media agree with. He actually paid attention to the views of his constituents. Mr Percy actually sent out an email asking for the opinions of his constituents concerning the Syrian situation. I, along with a fair few other North Lincs/South Yorks folk, gave vent to our feelings, making it clear that Syria is a conflict too far. Our MP took that on-board and voted against his own party. No doubt that is going to attract the ire of the Conservative Whips and party stalwarts but I don’t care. My MP actually did something that I wanted.[…]

Tonight the coalition government of the UK got a bloody nose over Syria. Why? Because Ed Miliband actually showed some political leadership. Instead of taking the easy option Ed took a stand against a jingoistic and ill concieved policy of military intervention against Syria. Good for him and the Labour Party Don’t get me wrong, watching kids dying from the effects of a poison gas attack makes me as sick as the next man. But I suspect that Western military intervention (US missile strikes) might not be the answer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Western missile strikes kill more Syrians than the gas attacks. I also think that many UK citizens, me included, don’t trust our political leaders one[…]

David Miranda has gone from being a relatively unknown person to a global media sensation in the last week. Why? Because he made two mistakes. The first was being in a relationship with a Guardian journalist who has been the proverbial thorn in the sides of the UK and US governments. The second was to attempt to use a UK airport for a connecting flight. The result of this combination is known to us all. Nine hours of interrogation by the UK’s finest anti-terror experts and the confiscation of his electronic devices. Why? As far as I, or anyone else, knows Miranda isn’t a terrorist. He hasn’t been a terrorist nor does he preach a terrorist gospel to a baying[…]