How Myleene Klass must be feeling so “owned” by Ed Miliband after his devastating response to her insolent behaviour in daring to disagree with the Great Man of Lefty UK politics. What, it took 12 hours for Ed’s emergency response team to craft a pathetic six bullet point blog post and send out a social media post with an allusion to an old Hear’Say hit as a dig against Ms Klass? Stunning performance there! It kind of sums up Ed in one incident. He gets a new and bloody arsehole ripped for him and cannot respond in a timely fashion. He gets out of the studio, calls his emergency response team minions and cries down the phone at them, begging[…]

Today I noted that the social media world was full of comment concerning the usually smiley faced Myleene Klass apparently wiping the floor with a mop called Ed Miliband. Not wishing to deny myself the sight of Miliband being embarrassed on TV I accessed ITV Player and sat down to watch the fun with a hot beverage and a selection of biscuits. I wasn’t disappointed. Admittedly I fast forwarded through much of the show due to the short nature of my tea break but it was worth it. Ed seemed to be unable to deal with the transformation of Myleene Klass from sweet natured vision of loveliness into a Harpy that Jason and his mythical Argonauts would have recognised. Myleene[…]