Al Murray has nailed his linen to the flag pole and announced that he intends to stand against Screaming Lord Farage in the relatively unknown wasteland that is Thanet South. Watch this video to hear more from the man who recently blessed my bald pate with his beery appendage! And there’s more…..With Al Murray throwing his beer soaked bar towel into Farage’s ring, I have to ask if Al Murray will get invited to one of the pre election TV debates? Let’s face it, Murray is going to be a lot more entertaining than the three main party leaders. Will we be treated to a cacophony of: ” I agree with Al” comments?

I was going to write a piece about immigration as it does seem to be a burning subject in the UK, EU, USA and many other “desirable” locations across the world. But then the Charlie Hebdo massacre occurred. Then, the following day, a Jewish supermarket was targeted in Paris. Death, fear, confusion and more death followed. I’m pretty sure I was not the only person to be sickened by the whole affair, concerned for those who had suffered and worried that the future will bring more of these murderous terrorist incidents. But what was the cause of all of this sorrow? In my opinion, these disgusting and unjustifiable murders are the result of religious intolerance. That is, adherents of a[…]