So it looks like farewell to Top Gear. The once popular TV show will sink into TV history and Jeremy Clarkson will disappear (probably not) forever. So the BBC has decided that there will be no more Clarksons or Top Gears. Here’s how they’re going to do it. From now on the BBC will only offer super bland content which has been homogenised by the new Politically Correct Content Management Committee (PCCMC). This is a body that will vet all BBC content, and the actions of all BBC staff at all times via a neural implant, to make sure that nothing like Jeremy Clarkson will ever stain the hallowed output of the BBC. So what will the BBC be broadcasting[…]

Antony Gormley has a travelling exhibition called ‘Field for the British Isles’ and it’s just landed at the 20-21 Gallery in Sunny Scunthorpe. What is this exhibition? It’s 40 thousand rough clay figures arranged by hand, filling the main floor space of an old converted church in Scunthorpe. I cannot include a picture of the display as there was a sign asking the public not to take pictures – but I can include a scan of the leaflet that accompanies the exhibition, so I have. My impressions? What did this exhibition do for me? Not much. I was left numb, bored and disinterested. Why? Firstly, you cannot really get a feel for the entirety of the piece as you can[…]