It’s that stage of the political cycle where the parties launch their manifestos in a blatant attempt to persuade you, the voting public, to support them in exchange for some rather dodgy promises that have all the life expectancy of an icecube in a blast furnace. Considering the track record of manifesto commitments, I’m not sure if they are even worth reading this time around. In fact, I think it’s time to publicly admit that these documents are little more than blatant marketing tools which should come with the following warning. The media, of course, just love this tidal wave of political guff. They orgasm as august personages, and reputable financial organisations, are dragged into the limelight and charged with[…]

I, or more accurately we, run our own business (watch out for the shameless plug…) Neon Dawn Ltd. Our working arrangements are pretty flexible and we often have to sign contracts and Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), and we’re fine with that. Well, almost….. I get to do the really exciting job of reading through these documents and querying anything that looks a bit dubious. Mostly this is leads to a few mutually acceptable changes and we just get on with the project, once the contracts are agreed and signed. But not always…. So a few weeks ago a contract was hurled in my general direction. It turned out to be a zero hours contract. Not something I’d ever seen before[…]