Lord Sewel’s recreational activities, which allegedly includes consumption of illegal narcotics, raises an interesting question. Just how many of our MPs, Lords and Ladies are carrying out the business of government whilst up to their eyeballs on their choice of mind altering substance? Let’s put it into perspective. If you get caught driving whilst inebriated then you can look forward to losing your licence and a hefty fine. The same thing applies if you’re caught high on drugs. The reason is obvious, you’re putting the lives of the public at risk. Now MPs, Lords and Ladies are meant to be running this country. Making important decisions about new laws, holding the government to account and running this blessed realm that[…]

I can remember the heady days of Michael Foot‘s Labour Party. A party that embraced socialism, unilateral nuclear disarmament, increased taxation (always a vote winner!), plans for union representation on the boards of businesses, donkey jackets and a thirst to nationalise everything from the royal family to the local massage parlour. Anyone with an ounce, or should that be 28.3 grammes, of common sense would have pointed out that this approach might not be attractive to those who don’t have the word Marx tattooed on their left bicep. So it came to pass that Labour didn’t defeat the Right-wing behemoth that was Thatcher and Michael of the Foot cast himself into political oblivion so that the Kinnock might bring salvation[…]

It’s not often that I find myself agreeing with the actions or statements of President Obama – I think of him as a later day Jimmy Carter figure – but his recent comments made during a speech in Kenya were worthy of my approval and yours. Obama dared to berate, albeit very politely, the Kenyan President (Uhuru Kenyatta) in public over the issue of gay rights in Kenya. The response was: “Maybe once, like you have, [we’ve made progress] on some of these challenges, we can begin to look at new ones. But as of now, the fact remains that this issue is not really an issue that is in the foremost mind of Kenyans.” To me that translates into the following:[…]

This sky news report about a school in Dewsbury is very worrying. It claims that those unfortunate (my view) to be attending The Institute of Islamic Education are not given the chance to experience 21st Century life, mix with non-Muslims or even wear un-Islamic apparel. The report also claims that such satanic items as tape players (Tape players? Are they trapped in the 80s?) are banned. Wow, this sounds like a recipe for a very dull, narrowly focused and segregationist form of education. How can a child of any faith learn how to interact and prosper in the modern world if they are denied an understanding of how it works? That leaves me with a couple of thoughts. This isn’t[…]

Just why did Cameron focus so much time and energy on a change to the rules governing the hunting of foxes with hounds? Was it: 1. Cameron wanted to divert attention away from more important issues like Greece, the EU, TTIP, the economy or the investigation into institutionalised child abuse? 2. Call Me Dave was trying to make a point about EVEL (English votes for English Laws) and those nasty political newcomers, the SNP. (Naughty Sturgeon!) 3. Camerdonkey was desperate to get into the saddle and enjoy the sight of a vulpine being ripped apart by dogs. His blood lust overcoming his common sense. 4. DC has totally lost it and is focused on wasting precious parliamentary time on an[…]

Greece has returned a resounding NO to EU austerity. This is probably not a shock for many, it wasn’t to me. The EU has failed the Greek people as well as the rest of the European population. There’s too much bureaucracy and not enough good governance. Too many fudges and “special” deals. Dare I mention the eternal joke that is the EU having two parliaments which it regularly shuttles between at great cost? Or the way that some countries are allowed to break EU agreements that they find inconvenient and without sanction or punishment? The Greek vote is a challenge to the EU, or should I say France and Germany, and I suspect that the EU (France and Germany again) is[…]

What is the solution to the Greek Crisis? They cannot earn enough to pay off their debts. They cannot borrow themselves out of debt. They don’t have any valuable natural resources (I don’t count ouzo as a resource) to sell off. So what can the people of Greece do in the face of this ever growing financial crisis? SOLUTION: The entire Greek population should relocate to somewhere else in the EU. I’d suggest the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and maybe Sweden. The Greek Crisis would continue but, with the country empty of its population, there will be nobody to suffer further austerity measures and the newly relocated population can enjoy those social security benefits that they are entitled to under[…]