Firstly, here are some of the reasons people are being given for being purged by the Labour Party Apparatchiks from voting in the forthcoming Labour Leadership Election. You previously voted Labour. You once liked Michael Foot. You think donkey jackets can be cool. You have been known to use words of more than two syllables. You don’t live in North London nor are you obsessed with the price of your property portfolio. You might vote for The Corbynator AKA Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour Party does seem hell bent on a course of self destruction usually only taken by depressed lemmings and WWII Kamikaze pilots. They have gone from a ridiculously open system for their leadership election (I believe that they[…]

I want to talk about one of my personal beefs as an antidote to the continuing political volcanic eruption that is the rise of The Corbynator. What is it I don’t like? That list is a little long but for today I choose one subject, tattoos. Now I can understand the idea of personal adornment as a way to feel good about yourself and enable you to stand out from the herd. That’s pretty natural, especially for those who suffer from the disease of youthfulness. But does that really mean you should permanently scar your perfectly good body to do so? Look, you can choose to sport different hairstyles, clothing and makeup to make that personalised fashion statement and none[…]

Really? Me love the Labour Party? No, but I do love a good political scrap and this leadership election is turning into a real political nuclear confrontation with the gloves off and Mutually Assured Destruction at the top of the menu. In one corner we have The Corbynator. A bearded retro Labour man (might I even say socialist or Marxist?) who has dared to remind the Labour Powers That Be of the party’s roots in class struggle, radical socialism and a hatred of the capitalists. In the other corner, lead by various Torylite Labour lightweights, are those who claim that a vote for The Corbynator is a vote for political suicide. If the media is to be believed then this[…]

This piece in the Indie claims that Labour MPs will do their utmost to depose The Corbynator if he wins the Labour Party leadership election. If this is true then surely that means the Parliamentary Labour Party holds the membership in utter contempt? Could that be why they lost the last election? Perhaps it should be a case of all the Labour MPs who cannot stomach The Corbynator should resign their seats if he wins. I’m sure that they’d prefer to work in the private sector rather than under the tyrannical rule of someone who actually appears to be on the left-hand of the political spectrum. Talk about alienating their core supporters.

  Deep under the BBC’s Broadcasting House is a secret meeting room where the shadowy organisation that is Committee 31 meets every Sunday. This group, whose existence has been a complete secret until now, controls the BBC so as to influence the British public and bring them round to their preferred world view. This correspondent has been given exclusive access to secret recordings of what is discussed and decided by those who would seek to control you. Read on at your own risk… Sunday 09/08/15 (Some background noise from an air conditioner and the occasional scream heard as if from a long distance). Chairperson: Welcome friends and comrades. I trust we are all well and ready for the challenges that[…]

We, the people of the desirable realm known as the UK, have to face the fact that our country is just too appealing to hordes of Johnny Foreigner types wanting a new home. We’re like catnip for refugees and asylum seekers (apparently). Now if we want to stem this invasion of the barbarian hordes then we have one obvious solution to consider. Make our nation a bit less attractive to them. Here are some suggestions: When you get a cat or dog from a rescue centre they usually insist on having the creature neutered to prevent ever increasing numbers of unwanted kitties and doggies. Why not apply that to refugees and asylum seekers? The message is: “If you want to[…]