It’s been a funny old day in the social media sphere. To put it bluntly, never has so many tweets been tweeted concerning a pig! Okay, the pig (deceased) in question was allegedly connected with a (or should that be to a) certain Mr D Cameron. Also known as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  Also, the alleged incident did take place many years ago and possibly, if it happened, whilst certain personages were extremely drunk. And who hasn’t done something they later regretted whilst under the influence of several bottles of Chateau De Porcine? I cannot claim any great innocence in this matter. No, I haven’t stuck my whinky into a dead pig’s gob but I have embarrassed myself[…]

Following on from my recent rant against tattoos…. I get a lot of telephone calls. Especially cold calls from people looking to sell my business some sort of service or product. And yes, I hate cold calls probably more than the next person but that isn’t the subject of today’s rant. No. What really pisses me off is the opening solicitation that many calls begin with. I’m referring to the “how are you?” and “how are you doing today?” type of opening gambit. My blood starts to boil as soon as I hear those dreaded words. Now I know why sales people use this approach. They hope you’ll be lulled into believing that they are actually concerned for you and[…]

The Corbynator wins and the Labour old guard must be quaking in their exquisite handmade footwear. The Tories might be feeling a little worried, probably more than a little, but the real threat to the Corbynator’s chance of winning the 2020 general election is Labour itself. The Green Party might now see its support evaporate. The LibDems might see what little support it retains abandon the sinking ship. The future? A party that is in the midst of a civil war will lose any election and that is probably what the Tories are hoping for. If Labour turns to internal strife and backstabbing then another Tory government is guaranteed. Watch this space !

I know the BBC is fighting for its life but this bit of blatant propaganda would have left Joseph Goebbels blushing with shame. This article is based around some research that the BBC commissioned, and WE paid for, which proves that the UK populace just don’t fully appreciate what the BBC offers them and that we’d go crazy if the BBC were suddenly removed from our lives. I smell the odour of a rotting BBC fish. 1. This research was commissioned by the BBC (I wonder how much it cost). I mistrust any research that is commissioned by an organisation that just happens to help justify that same organisation’s existence. It’s like a cigarette company commissioning research into how healthy their[…]