I know what’s it’s like to go through change in the working environment, who doesn’t? So, in some ways, I actually have some sympathy with the plight of junior doctors and their dislike of the new terms and conditions as per Mr Hunt’s widely criticised new NHS contract 7-Day-A-Week sound bite policy. Do I agree with their strike action? No, but not for the obvious reasons. Striking can get results except when it’s against the inevitable. Striking to prevent redundancies caused by poor business performance or new technology are doomed to failure. Striking against political whim is also doomed unless your actual aim is to dislodge the politicians in question. If the junior doctors (I hate that term, it brings[…]

So Tata has sold the Scunthorpe steelworks (along with other sites) to Greybull Capital for the princely sum of £1. Did they not heed my sage like advice? Are they mad or am I completely wrong in thinking that this is just an exercise in futility? The first thing I have to say about this deal is that it hasn’t been finalised. Some media reports state that the deal won’t be signed for weeks. A lot can happen in that time and I wouldn’t be surprised if it does. Don’t be shocked if the deal changes dramatically or even totally unravels before pen is set to paper. The details about this deal are in seriously short supply. One “detail” that[…]

There has been much comment of late that the NHS is already a 7 day a week service and the Nasty Tories just don’t know what they’re talking about with all their plans to make doctors work 27 hours a day and 8 days a week. If anything, I feel like the issue has been turned into a Monty Python sketch where a group of crusty northern types exaggerate the privations of their youth for comedic effect. So what? I was recently enjoying the dubious pleasure of visiting an NHS hospital on a Saturday morning (germs, germs), I had taken a family member in for a scan, when I overheard a very interesting telephone conversation. Now I could only hear[…]

With all that’s going on in the world (and I suspect that a certain David Cameron’s financial affairs have driven steel from the top of the news agenda) this story from The Scunthorpe Telegraph might just have gone unnoticed outside of North Lincolnshire. It’s reported that Greybull Capital (whose website seems to consist of a single page – wouldn’t you find that a little odd? I do.) are asking for a 3% pay cut from the Scunthorpe steel workers to aid them in their attempt to buy Scunthorpe’s last remaining steelworks. I find this a bit weird. A steelworks is an industrial behemoth in terms of size and required funding. There’s nothing small about these places and that includes the running[…]