The EU seems hellbent on trying to justify its existence with greater and greater desperation. It is almost as if they feel threatened, but I cannot think why that might be the case. The recent GDPR implementation is a good example of meddling as a justification for their existence, at least it does to me. GDPR is a joke, in my humble opinion. It has left institutions, here in the UK, applying serious restrictions where commonsense once prevailed. To the point that a local educational institution of my acquaintance is now encrypting ALL their emails because they think it’s required under GDPR legislation. Even the most innocuous communications have to be laboriously decrypted via the Microsoft website – when it[…]

About 15 minutes after the UK electorate shocked the Powers That Be (PTB) by voting for Brexit the campaign started to overturn the referendum’s result. Now let me be clear, I don’t have a problem with that. Nor do I have a problem with the many people who have openly called for an end to Brexit. If the result had been the other way around, Remain winning instead of Brexit, then I’m pretty sure the Brexit community would have fought just as tenaciously for another referendum. My problem is that I think the Remainers are succeeding. Here are my reasons for this pessimistic assessment: MSM The mainstream media, well most of it, are relentlessly pushing the message that Brexit =[…]