My response to a comment about my invitation to Mr Trump to come and take tea with me in my humble abode in Lincoln. —————– If I only do business/associate/befriend/listen to people who have never said or done anything just as crass and stupid as Donald Trump then I’d be a pretty lonely person. I’ve witnessed both men and women saying things equally as bad if not far worse as Trump’s widely reported pussy grabbing comment. I’ve also witnessed behaviour that was also reprehensible. (E.G. Dancing on the bonnet of someone’s car, leaving it quite battered.) Some other examples of comments that I’ve personally witnessed come to mind….(Forgive the paraphrasing and I’ve omitting the names of the various “criminals” to[…]

David Davis has resigned over May’s Brexit that isn’t Brexit proposal. Supposedly, this is a big deal. If you believe the very excited chatter on social media then Theresa May would appear to have the political life expectancy of an ice cube in a blast furnace. I’m not so sure if that’s true or if she is all that concerned about her career. Let’s face it, Brexit was never going to be easy or painless. The EU made that abundantly clear during the referendum campaign. (Yet many people seem to not have noticed this at all. We’re they asleep?) That didn’t bother me as I felt, and still do feel, that the relatively short term pain was worth it in[…]

As the days go by it seems more and more likely that my prediction that Brexit will never happen is coming to pass. I know that there are many out there who’d be utterly delighted by this turn of affairs but I warn them that the EU isn’t above holding grudges or seeking a bit of revenge against those who have crossed the line of acceptable behaviour, in their eyes. Here’s a few guesses as to the price we will have to pay if Brexit doesn’t happen: The total loss of the UK’s EU rebate. We will be expected to ante up as a form of compensation for all the hurt and extra work we have put the EU through. The[…]