You have to hand it to the Russians, or should I say Mr Putin? They/he have completely wrong footed the so called Western Powers over the Ukraine Crisis.

Watching the news has become an almost surreal experience, like watching old newsreels but in colour and with better commentaries. But while the imagery and words are much improved I cannot help but think that I’m seeing a reworked version of the 1930s. A charismatic nationalist leader using what I’d call a jumped up pretext to justify moving troops into a neighbouring country. Is the word “annexation” about to rear its ugly head?

I am left wondering if we’re seeing the start of a long overdue European war? Putin may have correctly judged the EU to be a bureaucratic and essentially corrupt entity with no real military power of its own. The US is lead by a guy who seems to be a reincarnation of President Carter but with even more domestic problems to deal with and a penchant for golf. He’s also moving towards the end of his tenure as president and is phenomenally unpopular with his own people. The UK? Who are we kidding? We’ve got loads of problems of our own and I think any real war (I.e. fighting a country with an airforce, mechanized troops and nukes) would bankrupt the us in record time.

So, if the Russians fancy a bit of European conquest you have to ask if anyone will want to do anything about it.

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