Our beloved political leaders, and I’m referring to the leaders of the three mainstream political parties (Tory, Labour and LibDem), just love to bang on about the fact that a vote for anyone outside their comfortable political elitist club is a wasted vote.

To that I say: “Great big hairy bollocks!”

This “If you vote UKIP you’ll get Labour” approach, or any other version of that, is just a blatant attempt to use the FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Dread) Principle to scare the voters into sticking with the same old inept, possibly corrupt and ineffective bunch of political losers that have done so much damage to this country.

They, our beloved political masters, don’t want to see British politics Balkanised. Why? The main reason is that it’ll make their lives much harder. A simple situation where the electorate only have two or three choices on the ballot paper (and I don’t count The Monster Raving Loony Party or independents as real choices) means they don’t have to campaign as hard. Spend as much money on marketing their dubious political messages or debate with more than two opponents. Throw in parties like UKIP and the Greens and suddenly there’s so much more work to do, and politicians have never really struck me as being too interested in doing more than the necessary to maintain their positions.

Frankly, I don’t see how we can call ourselves a democracy when the three mainstream parties do all that they can to maintain their little club. (The same thing pretty much applies to the USA as well.)

So, when General Election 2015 arrives, feel free to vote for who you want based on your own decision, gut instinct or even a careful and thorough evaluation of the policies offered by all the political parties. Just don’t listen to the wailing cries of doom and gloom issuing from the mouths of the mainstream politicos. They just want an easy life.

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