A mop which might just be of more use to the people of the UK than Ed Miliband.
A mop which might just be of more use to the people of the UK than Ed Miliband.

Today I noted that the social media world was full of comment concerning the usually smiley faced Myleene Klass apparently wiping the floor with a mop called Ed Miliband. Not wishing to deny myself the sight of Miliband being embarrassed on TV I accessed ITV Player and sat down to watch the fun with a hot beverage and a selection of biscuits.

I wasn’t disappointed. Admittedly I fast forwarded through much of the show due to the short nature of my tea break but it was worth it. Ed seemed to be unable to deal with the transformation of Myleene Klass from sweet natured vision of loveliness into a Harpy that Jason and his mythical Argonauts would have recognised.

Myleene attacked with her viciously sharpened tongue and left the Miliband reeling. His main response to her attacks concerning the Mansion Tax, and the comments of the other panelists, was….

“I totally understand that people don’t like paying more in tax. The values of my government are going to be different to the values of this government.” (Source: The Telegraph)

Wow, that was awesome. Not. I actually was left feeling sorry for the poor Labour leader for all of 1 picosecond. Was that all he could manage? Where was the passion and conviction for this policy? Michael Foot would have gallantly disagreed with Klass. Tony Blair would have charmed her underwear off, metaphorically. Neil Kinnock would have fought back with Welsh zest. Ed Miliband’s performance was more like a sheep trying to savage of mountain lion.

And he aspires to be Prime Minister? No wonder there’s so much talk of disaffected Labour Party members.

But what of his witty riposte to the Klass Harridan? What did he mean by: “The values of my government are going to be different to the values of this government”? It isn’t actually all that clear so here’s my interpretation:

  • I am Ed Miliband and I will be different from the current Prime Minister but will do my damndest to not actually tell you how I will be different. If I do you’ll probably not like the answer and won’t vote for me at the General Election.
  • The Mansion Tax will be little more than a sop to the Lefties and Unions but won’t actually affect the Filthy Rich because they will hire smart accountants and lawyers who will run rings around the HMRC. People further down the Scrotum Pole will suffer but as they are unlikely to vote Labour I couldn’t care less.
  • This is all about me showing the Labour core vote that I am the kind of guy they must vote for. It doesn’t matter than I’m about as working class as a caviare nibble or that I wouldn’t know what a real day’s work looks like. Just as long as the core Labour vote still supports me then I couldn’t give a toss about much else.
  • He was dead right when he said that people don’t like paying taxes. They really don’t like paying taxes which are then used to shore up the support for a political party (something that both Tory and Labour have been guilty of). Ed’s solution? To say that it’s for the NHS and hope that we’re all too stupid to realise that what the NHS sorely needs is modernisation of its methods and working practises rather than the current system that seems more at home in the 19th Century! Throwing more money at an antiquated and broken system of healthcare isn’t going to please anyone except, perhaps, Ed’s union backers.

This whole episode has once again revealed Ed Miliband’s flaw. That he lacks the media savviness expected of a 21st Century politician. Don’t get me wrong, a politician has to have more than the ability to handle media assignments well. But Ed Miliband, or is it Ed Militant, seems to be rather lacking in all the other qualities one expects of a potential Prime Minister.

Only time will tell if the majority of the UK’s electorate agrees with me or not.

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