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The madness that is religion.

I was going to write a piece about immigration as it does seem to be a burning subject in the UK, EU, USA and many other “desirable” locations across the world. But then the Charlie Hebdo massacre occurred. Then, the following day, a Jewish supermarket was targeted in Paris. Death, fear, confusion and more death followed. I’m pretty sure I was not the only person to be sickened by the whole affair, concerned for those who had suffered and worried that the future will bring more of these murderous terrorist incidents.

But what was the cause of all of this sorrow? In my opinion, these disgusting and unjustifiable murders are the result of religious intolerance. That is, adherents of a religion found the idea of satire and criticism too much to bear when it was aimed at their own irrational belief system. Note, I stress the word religion and not Islam. Why? Because all religions, when you dig down deep, want an end to their “persecution” by those who would dare to lampoon and criticise them.

Why should religions fear being lampooned and satirised? The answer is blindingly obvious. Ridicule a religion effectively and you threaten that religion’s existence. Use humour to highlight the logical fallacies, the misogynistic attitudes, the hatred of homosexuals, the violent attitudes towards competing religions and you attack the very foundations of that religion. You encourage people to ask questions and to think for themselves, something that no religion can stand. Once the followers of a cult begin to question the tenets of their belief system then it’s not long before the exodus begins and the temples are left to the fanatics and the elderly.

The last few days have demonstrated what happens when people adhere to their religious indoctrination rather than think for themselves. The perpetrators were Muslims but they could have been extreme Christians, fundamentalist Jews, rabid Hindus or even batshit Buddhists. It’s not a matter of which religion is involved but the very concept of religion that is behind this murderous behaviour and until religion is eradicated we will always have to keep an Argus eye on those who profess to follow their chosen form of Cosmic Woo Woo.

PS Just so it’s clear. I do not respect religious beliefs. I don’t respect religions. I see all religions as the greatest threat to the continued existence of the human race.

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