An article in The Telegraph states that Poland is unlikely to support a change to benefit rules that penalise immigrants to the UK. You can understand that if half the stories about UK taxpayers’ cash (your cash) flowing into EU countries via our benefits system are true.

So what to do? Why not just charge the EU countries, from which these immigrants originate, for the cost of their benefits and healthcare? Plus a miserly 20% service charge to cover our admin costs. That way we can transform the EU immigrants from a drain on our welfare state to a welcome source of cash.

Hey, why not expand this to all immigrants? If we have to accept them (both immigrants and asylum seekers) then surely it’s only right that the countries they are fleeing from should pay for them?

Quids in!

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One thought on “What’s good for the goose…..

  1. Dave says:

    Exactly how do we get these countries to pay??????

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