Greek Flagg
Greek Flag. Sourced from Wikipedia, created by Fry1989

What is the solution to the Greek Crisis?

They cannot earn enough to pay off their debts.

They cannot borrow themselves out of debt.

They don’t have any valuable natural resources (I don’t count ouzo as a resource) to sell off.

So what can the people of Greece do in the face of this ever growing financial crisis?

SOLUTION: The entire Greek population should relocate to somewhere else in the EU. I’d suggest the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and maybe Sweden.

The Greek Crisis would continue but, with the country empty of its population, there will be nobody to suffer further austerity measures and the newly relocated population can enjoy those social security benefits that they are entitled to under EU law. Everyone wins except the creditors, the taxpayers of the countries they relocate to and those awkward sods in the IMF.

I envisage that boat loads of Greeks will soon be landing on Italian beaches in the near future and, unlike the immigrants from Africa and Syria etc, they’ll be perfectly entitled to move about the EU as they wish and settle where they like.

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