Just why did Cameron focus so much time and energy on a change to the rules governing the hunting of foxes with hounds?

Was it:

1. Cameron wanted to divert attention away from more important issues like Greece, the EU, TTIP, the economy or the investigation into institutionalised child abuse?

2. Call Me Dave was trying to make a point about EVEL (English votes for English Laws) and those nasty political newcomers, the SNP. (Naughty Sturgeon!)

3. Camerdonkey was desperate to get into the saddle and enjoy the sight of a vulpine being ripped apart by dogs. His blood lust overcoming his common sense.

4. DC has totally lost it and is focused on wasting precious parliamentary time on an issue which has already been dealt with.

Whatever the real reason for this fox hunting debacle, the whole affair has hardly left the government covered in glory.

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