Lord Sewel’s recreational activities, which allegedly includes consumption of illegal narcotics, raises an interesting question.

Cocaine Molecule
Cocaine Molecule (Sourced https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kokain_-_Cocaine.svg)

Just how many of our MPs, Lords and Ladies are carrying out the business of government whilst up to their eyeballs on their choice of mind altering substance?

Let’s put it into perspective. If you get caught driving whilst inebriated then you can look forward to losing your licence and a hefty fine. The same thing applies if you’re caught high on drugs. The reason is obvious, you’re putting the lives of the public at risk.

Now MPs, Lords and Ladies are meant to be running this country. Making important decisions about new laws, holding the government to account and running this blessed realm that is Great Britain. How can they do that if they’re off their tits on cocaine, spirituous liquors or powdered bath salts? The answer is that they can’t.

I think it’s time that we subjected our political masters, and mistresses, to a regime of random drug tests and breathalyser tests to ensure that when they enter their respective chambers to vote on the issues of the day they do so as sober and drug free individuals.

I’d also like to see Parliament’s taxpayer subsidised bars closed. If the Powers That Be want to go boozing then let them do it on their own time and with their own funds.

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