This sky news report about a school in Dewsbury is very worrying. It claims that those unfortunate (my view) to be attending The Institute of Islamic Education are not given the chance to experience 21st Century life, mix with non-Muslims or even wear un-Islamic apparel. The report also claims that such satanic items as tape players (Tape players? Are they trapped in the 80s?) are banned.

A collection of various religious symbols.
The madness that is religion.

Wow, this sounds like a recipe for a very dull, narrowly focused and segregationist form of education. How can a child of any faith learn how to interact and prosper in the modern world if they are denied an understanding of how it works?

That leaves me with a couple of thoughts.

  • This isn’t education but indoctrination. I suspect that learning about Islam, the Qur’an, the Hadiths and other such religionist claptrap is given more emphasis than, say, skills that might attract an employer.
  • Education is not just about academic subjects, it’s about learning to get along with people who don’t share your particular viewpoint. A lesson that was drummed into me by my CND loving English teacher at Kingsmead Secondary Modern. We clashed on a number of occasions during class debates on such issues as nuclear weapons (which I supported then and now) and I learned that there are better ways to persuade people to your view than shouting at them. Thanks Mrs Wells, wherever you are.
  • This kind of faux education is not solely a Muslim issue. I have known plenty of people who have attended religious based educational establishments where they have been subjected to various forms of indoctrination and propaganda. They have found themselves thrust into a world where their form of Cosmic Woo Woo isn’t seen as being important or even unique. Nor is their form of delusion much help in thriving in a multicultural society or workplace.

My own theory about a religious focused education is quite simple. It’s a way to indoctrinate children, when they are at their most vulnerable, to ensure that the various religionist groupings maintain and grow their power base. It’s nothing to do with benefiting the children. They are just brainwashed sheep who’ll do their religious masters’ bidding without thought, reason or doubt. And it doesn’t matter if they’re Muslims, Christians, Jews or Hindus because they are all different forms of religionist insanity.

That’s why I say that we need to kick religion out of our schools. Ban the child abuse that is religious indoctrination of the young and only let people be exposed to such heinous experiences AFTER they have been thoroughly educated. Of course, that might reduce the number of people believing in such delusional fantasies but that’s a risk I’d be willing to take.

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