Die for credibility bombDavid Cameron is apparently set on trying to enhance the UK’s reputation in the eyes of a key ally (the USA) by joining the “Let’s bomb Syria” party.

Is that really a good reason to spend millions of pounds, risk the lives of our service personnel and, probably, kill a number of innocent Syrians?

I don’t think so.

The Prime Minister wants to join the international Bomb-a-thon to supposedly appease the Yanks – they probably think we aren’t doing our bit when it comes to indiscriminate bombing – and to protect us from the threat of IS. This can, according to Dave, be done by dropping lots of expensive ordnance on dusty Syrian towns that are reputed to be boltholes of the dreaded and feared IS.

The problem is that I don’t think that IS are going to be good little blood thirsty religionist nutters and all stand together on a convenient bullseye painted on the ground. No. I think they are smarter than that. I suspect that they’ll do that really annoying thing of melting back into the population. Spreading out so that the international Bomb-a-thon will be forced to carpet bomb whole towns in the hope of killing a couple IS goons.

Of course, they’ll be plenty of collateral damage. Something I think IS will delight in.

Put yourself in their shoes. They need to continually paint their enemies as oppressors of the followers of Islam. Enemies of their faith, their way of life and all they hold dear. Dropping high explosives onto the people of Syria is just going to reinforce that message. It’s also going to make recruiting new IS followers easier when all they have to do is point to the global media to show them that the lives of Muslims are expendable in the name of credibility.

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