In the spirit of the petition created to ban Donald Trump from our hallowed shores……

I’d like to start a petition to ban people from entering the UK (or to have those currently resident removed) that hold views/beliefs that I don’t agree with.

1. Religionists of all kinds – they poison the minds of children and the easily lead, stir up hatred and have retarded the development of the human race. Plus, their attitudes towards human population growth put the survival of us all at risk.

2. Dictators, tyrants and other oppressive national leaders. So that’s no more visits to the UK by the leaders of China, Saudi Arabia, Burma, UAE, Qatar, EU bureaucrats, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Russia, Syria etc etc.

3. Left-wing politicians, and their ardent followers.

4. Anyone who criticises the Holy Lord Clarkson and his disciples – or those who will watch the red haired heretic and his false Top Gear show!

5. The weatherman on Channel 4 News – his competent and professional delivery of even the worse meteorological events offends me greatly.

6. Mickey Mouse – I hate that mouse and all he stands for. His promotion of mindless consumption of cartoons is a foulness on the soul of mankind. If he, or any who wear his image, appear at the ports of entry to the UK then they should be flogged and sent back from whence they came.

7. Mime artists.


8. Americans with really energetic personalities and huge white teeth.

There, that makes as much sense as trying to ban Donald Trump from the UK.

Now tell us about the UK’s fine tradition of free speech.

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