…..is for the UK to leave.

Sounds crazy? Perhaps. But I have noticed that much of the Remain campaigning seems designed to upset and annoy rather than encourage waverers to vote for the UK to continue as a member of the EU.

Just look at what the Eurocrats, political leaders and even the IMF have been saying: If we dare to leave the EU then our economy will die, World War III might result, Western Civilisation might collapse overnight, the EU might disintegrate (I actually believe that “threat”), the UK will become a political and economic backwater and we will be placed at the end of the line when it comes to trade deals etc. In addition, various EU types have been making thinly veiled threats about what the EU will do to a nation that dares to turn its back on the hallowed European Union.

This approach seems, to me at least, designed to get right up the noses of the British people. Why? Because we have a bit of a track record when it comes to being threatened. Our past shows that we don’t follow what some might think of as common sense and surrender to the inevitable. On the contrary, we have a habit of turning on those who we think threaten us and fighting like lions.

So, if what I say above is even remotely true, why does the EU want us out of their not so exclusive little club?

Here’s what I think:

1. The UK is a bastion of annoyingly argumentative gits who see it as their role to insert spanners into the spokes of the EU’s “ever greater union” wheels. That really gets on the EU’s collective mammary glands because “ever greater union” is their most precious aim.

2. We believe, some of us at least, that politics shouldn’t just be left to the politicians. We want to take part in the political process and not leave it all to the elite types. To but it bluntly, we like to stick our noses into issues where we are not wanted. That results in the asking of difficult questions which politicians of all types don’t want to answer. The EU, being a rather opaque organisation to say the least, is even less happy handling the awkward squad than normal politicians. Removing the UK from the EU would make their lives that bit easier.

3. We view the EU purely as an economic trading block and nothing else. For the EU elite (and that can include UK politicians) it is the route to power and influence over roughly 500 million people. For us it is a place to buy and sell the fruits of our labours. This leads people to ask even more awkward questions that politicians (EU ones in this case) don’t want to answer. Especially questions relating to the odd idea that the people of the EU might want the right to directly elect the EU’s senior officials instead of the current “behind closed doors” agreements approach. I can hear the Eurocrats thinking: “If only the British people would shut up about such trivia and let their betters go on with the important job of running their world for them. Who needs to involve the messy and inefficient democratic process when it comes to who runs the EU?”

4. Rules, laws and regulations. The EU loves rules, laws and regulations. It provides plenty of work for Eurocrats (both creation and implementation of said rules, laws and regulations). It spreads the EU’s influence into every nook and cranny of our lives. (This fascination, perhaps addiction, with the micromanagement of our lives stems, I believe, from the early socialist influences of the EU project.) And we Brits love to moan, drip, complain and whine over each and every one of these rules. From the straightening of cucumbers to odd rules applying to bananas. It doesn’t matter if the rules are real or imaginary, we still love to whinge. The EU must be heartily sick of us unappreciative Brits daring to complain about rules that are put in place for our own benefit (sorry, should that be for the benefit of vested interests who lobby the EU in locust like waves?).

5. We, the British people, are sadly lacking in the necessary respect for political leaders, whether elected or appointed. Our long history is peppered with satire, sarcasm, vulgar wit and outright disrespect for the political classes. This attitude can be more damaging than overt hate or protest. The EU rulers don’t like our less than subservient attitude towards them. We have always been a humorous thorn in their sides and they know it. Our departure from the EU would relieve them of this unwanted vociferous criticism.

6. “Ever close union” – which has never been clearly defined to my own satisfaction – is one of the EU’s core aims and we British just don’t want it. We don’t want it so much that UK politicians dared to ask for an exemption from this aim. (What were we thinking?) This was a real smack in the face for the EU. We also refused to join the Euro (my thanks to any passing fictional deity) and, therefore, failed to share in its great success (sarcasm alert). This lack of enthusiasm when it comes to merging with our EU neighbours is not the right attitude. It smacks of a single state view instead of a willingness to become just a remote outpost of a vast EU empire. It’s also worryingly indicative of a desire for greater, not lesser, independence when it comes to dealing with the rest of the world. Not something the Eurocrats like at all.

All these points can be summed up as follows – the UK is a poisonous, ungrateful wretch of a country and the EU would like us to just go forth and multiply.


I have no proof to offer that any of this is true. I cannot cite the wise words of either political pundit, academic or drug crazed celebrity but it is my gut feeling that I am not a million miles, sorry kilometres, from the truth.

Only time well tell if I’m right.

2 thoughts on “What the EU wants…..

  1. Leo Savantt says:

    I’m inclined to partly agree. There is an ambivalence to the UK’s membership in Brussels, some want rid of the UK for precisely the reasons you suggest, however, some believe that if the UK leaves other will follow. In Brussels there is then ambivalence in respect of Brexit.

    As far as the definition of ever closer union, it simply means that member states become the equivalent of municipal authorities and EU institutions the executive in control of the entire block, economically, socially, diplomatically and most terrifyingly militarily.

    I write with some authority as I was previously Special Advisor to the EC’s Vice President and High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, much to my shame.

    1. mikehodges says:

      Someone partly agrees with me? I must be losing my edge.

      I suspect that the EU is just like any other organisation. Riven by internal politics, people jockeying for position and various Machiavellian schemes being hatched behind closed doors. That’s how I view the “ever closer union” aim which some have tried to pass off as little more than a worthless mission statement. Frankly, I believe that the “ever closer union” drive of the EU could end up being the cause of the next European war but then I am a bit of a git.

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