Nobody really knows how Thursday’s EU referendum vote will turn out (I especially don’t trust the polls after the hash they made of the last general election.) so I wouldn’t dare to make a prediction myself.

We’ve had lots of predictions about what will happen if we hapless peons vote for Brexit but little about what will happen if we vote for Remain. Again, I don’t know what will happen either but there’s one thing I’d say about the fallout from a Remain result.

If we, the British people, vote to Remain in the EU then we have to start taking our membership much more seriously. We need to keep a close eye on what our MEPs are doing, saying and voting on. We need to be watching what happens in the various councils and quangos that make up the EU. Doing our best to monitor, criticise and influence their activities.

How do we do this?

  • We need to take a much greater interest in the EU’s long term goals and plans. We must make our feelings clear on what we like and don’t like. And yes, that does mean making their working lives difficult but it’s a price we should be willing to pay.
  • We have to accept that the UK, no matter what the Remainers have said, has little or no influence at the EU top table. (Unlike Germany and France). To have any hope of influencing the EU we must look to establishing connections with other EU populations. Specifically, groups in France and Germany. The EU will only take notice of us if we stand with a large group of EU citizens rather than just as an ignorable small group of whinging Brits.
  • Actively campaign for true democratic reform of the EU. We cannot expect the EU to reform itself – it”s like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas. The group that would lose out the most are those who currently hold the decision making powers.
  • Demand an end  to unequal treatment of EU states. The EU does not treat each EU member state equally and that is one of its greatest weaknesses. If the EU is to survive and thrive then the current willingness to turn a blind eye to certain states peccadilloes has to end. Else it will all end up in bitter acrimony.

If the UK votes to remain on Thursday then the EU (as it is currently constituted) might be the ones who end up regretting it the most.

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