After long consideration I have decided to vote for Brexit in tomorrow’s EU Referendum.

There a number of reasons for this but my main one is related to how the EU works.

Basically, Germany and France (France being the junior partner) run the EU and the rest of the member states are a bunch of johnny-come-latelies.

Why do I think this?

1. Mama Merkel and her open arms approach to refugees. Merkel basically invited the world and its dog to head for Germany. She did this without, as far as I can tell, consulting with her own political leaders, the EU or the heads of the EU member states. She precipitated a immigrant crisis that no country in Europe is equipped to handle, not even Germany itself. Only someone in the highest position of power inside the EU could have done this. She heads Germany. Germany is the most powerful EU state. Therefore, Germany is the boss of the EU. Did the UK, or any other EU state have the power to tell Merkel to publicly withdraw her very generous invitation? No. Did she feel forced to change her position when other EU states voiced concerns over the fallout of her invitation? No. Did Merkel, once it became clear that Germany alone couldn’t handle the torrent of refugees/immigrants, demand that other EU states take their “fair share” of refugees/immigrants? You bet your sweet bippy she did.

This single example of realpolitik shows clearly that Germany wears the EU trousers.

2. France and a real special relationship. I characterise France as the Spoilt Bastard character from VIZ. Always ready to shout, scream and stomp its collective feet to get what it wants no matter what EU rules, laws or regulations might say. Claude Juncker put it very well when he said: “because it is France” when talking about giving France a get-out-of-jail card. Enabling France to ignore the very mechanisms supposedly put in place to secure the future of the Euro currency. The same kind of lenient attitude was exhibited during France’s long ban on British beef. A ban that was technically illegal but France somehow avoided having to pay for that transgression. Here’s an interesting quote about the issue….

“It is unacceptable that such a clearly illegal ban has been able to be imposed for this length of time,” Mr Gill said. “It is equally unacceptable that the French can walk away from this disgraceful situation at the last possible moment before fines are imposed.” Source: The Guardian

What I am saying here is that Germany and France rule the EU roost with Germany in the top position. While that is the case we, the UK, cannot hope to have any real influence at the EU table of power. Whether we are in the EU or out, our position is that of a remote outpost on the fringes of nowhere.

We are not able to demand real EU reforms.

We are not able to change the balance of power in the EU.

There is no true equality between EU member states and you peasants better bloody remember that!

We are seen as a cash cow to be milked ’til our teats squeak.

Oh, and I have this to say concerning if we’ll be better off in or out. If we vote Remain we will be punished for even daring to hold a referendum on leaving the Holy EU. Expect a drive for full integration with the EU and new rules and regulations that will penalise the UK in both an overt and a covert fashion. If we vote for Brexit then prepare for the biggest shit storm we’ve ever seen short of World War II. The EU has admitted that it will do its damnedest to make an example of the UK so that no other EU state would dare to even grant an in/out referendum.

I think they mean it.

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