(My apologies for using the title of an American film about the aftermath of a nuclear attack but it does seem appropriate.)

So the UK voted to leave the EU and the world freaked out. The financial markets have bounced like a rubber ball. The Pound has suffered a pounding (sorry, I couldn’t resist that) and David Cameron has fallen upon his sword. The Labour Party, possibly inspired by recent events, is preparing to call its own referendum on leaving Jeremy Corbyn.

Truly, we are living through interesting times.

But does all this fallout from the referendum result mean that the world is ending? No. I can assure you that civilisation isn’t about to fall. No matter what you might hear from pundits, social media, politicians and journalists. Nor are we about to be plunged into another European war. Something that some of the European media has been hinting at. (And no, I don’t believe the EU has kept us conflict free since World War II.)

What we are facing is change and as any change management specialist will tell you, the first reaction to change is fear. That’s natural and to be expected. What we have to do is let that fear flow over us and embrace the opportunity that changing times offers us. And I don’t mean just as a nation but as individuals as well. The times are a changing and it’s time to grab the cheese wherever and whenever you can.

To quote Frank Herbert: “Fortune passes everywhere.”

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