Brexiters versus Remainers
Brexiters versus Remainers

Those who dared to vote for Brexit (I admit I did so) now seem to be the focus of a backlash.

Who’d have thought that could happen?

Apparently, old gits like me (strangely enough, my twitter name is Mike Old Git Hodges) have stolen the futures of the young whingers, sorry I mean young voters and young people in general, by voting for Brexit.

Apparently I voted for Brexit because:

  • I am senile.
  • I am a racist.
  • I am ignorant.
  • I am old (49 years old, bald, wrinkly, ugly and terminally uncool).

The fact that I made my decision based on a wide variety of factors including my own research, life experience and weighing up the pros and cons doesn’t come into it. Nor that the majority of the UK’s electorate, i.e. those who bothered to vote, voted to leave the EU.

So we are left with a referendum result which clearly showed a majority desiring an exit from the EU BUT we have a large number of people who disagree with it and want a second referendum.

So are we to expect that we will continue to hold In/Out EU Referendums until the Remainers win? Should we apply the same rules to General Elections? I.E. Rerun the election until one group or another is satisfied? Maybe apply the same idea to sport? England might actually win a World Cup if they are allowed to play all their games repeatedly until they win.

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