The interesting times continue for British politics…

In the Labour corner…..

We have Jeremy Corbyn at bay. His MPs mostly queuing up to slide the metaphorical blade into his back. The rank and file Labour supporters, apparently, like Corbyn, his “old” Labour approach and are seen as the insurmountable barrier to the removal of The Big C.

In the Tory corner….

We have a bit of girl on girl action as May and Leadsom battle it out for the heart of the Conservative Party. May is seen as the dull pair of dependable hands and Leadsom is seen as more in touch with the Tory rank and file – who seem to be far more right wing than the average Tory MP.

So we have the UK’s two main political parties threatening to tear themselves apart because they are made up of MPs who do NOT represent the desires of their rank and file support. Perhaps it’s time for the MPs of both parties that lean toward each other (Left leaning Tories and Right leaning Labourites) to come together and form a new centrist political party?

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