There’s a vocal group of people bemoaning the fact that the UK dared to vote for Brexit during the recent EU Referendum. (And I don’t really have a problem with that, they’re just exercising their right to freedom of expression.) But I was left wondering exactly who the Remainers should be blaming for their failure to win that infamous referendum.

Let’s look at the three centres of Pro-EU feeling in the UK, as shown by the EU Referendum results.

Data sourced from the Electoral Commission website.

Here’s what I found.

Northern Ireland

Vote for remain: 440,707

Total Electorate: 1,260,955

Percentage of the total electorate that voted remain? 34.9%


Vote for remain: 1,661,191

Total Electorate: 3,987,112

Percentage of the total electorate that voted remain? 41.6%


Vote for remain: 2,263,519

Total Electorate: 5,424,768

Percentage of the total electorate that voted remain? 41.7%

So even in London, that centre of UK fervour for the denizens of the EU, not even 50% of the electorate voted to remain as vassals of the European Union.

If the EU is so wonderful, in the opinion of others, how come the Remainers didn’t succeed in attracting more votes in their centres of greatest support? Because if they had been more successful in these three regions then they’d have won the EU Referendum hands down.

So does that mean the Remainers lost the EU Referendum because THEY failed to convince the majority of the electorates most likely to vote Remain to actually cast their votes?

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