Ladies and gentleman. Take your seats for the fight of the century.

In the left corner is the champion of the Labour rank and file. The Maximus Decimus Meridius of the working classes. Defender of the weak. Protector of the poor. The politician unafraid to be unpopular in his quest for what he sees as doing the right thing.

In the right corner is the Mighty Eagle. Adamantine claws ready to rend the flesh of those unworthy of the mantle of Labour leadership. Her battle cry able to tear the very soul out of those who disagree with the wisdom of the PLP. Her voting record proudly displays her, apparently, more electable political views.

Yes, we are in for a true battle royale that will shape the future of the Labour Party and the political landscape of the UK for years to come. Gasp as the two fighters exchange blow after blow. Clench your buttocks as vicious briefings and counter briefings inflict life threatening wounds to political reputations. Cry out with relief as one of these fighters falls to the canvas, utterly defeated, while the victor assumes a triumphant stance over the body of the fallen.

Well, that’s how the Labour Party leadership contest looks to me.

Oh, and if Jeremy Corbyn is so bloody useless, and totally not Prime Minster material, then how come he has survived so long amongst what I assume are a bunch of knife carrying (metaphorically speaking) political psychopaths just looking for a convenient back? Corbyn has held onto his position with the tenacity of a limpet. He has stood up to his own MPs and a broadcast media that seem to have decided he wasn’t for them about five minutes before he took the job of Labour leader.

Now call me old fashioned but even though I don’t subscribe to Mr Corbyn’s political viewpoints I still admire him for his chutzpah, his shear audacity and courage in the face of PLP adversity.

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