Our society has transformed itself into the Netflix Generation. We have come to expect the right to choose what we watch, when we want to watch and where we watch video content.

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By Netflix (Netflix Media Center) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Why should this approach not be applied to politics? We no longer want a system where we vote every five years for a person/party who represents a swathe of policies that we don’t totally agree with. We want the right to pick and choose which policies should be implemented. An end to the Freeview system of politics where you get a few channels (policies) worth watching amidst a torrent of pointless crap.

Here’s what I mean. The current government has some policies I agree with and others that are just plain wrong, in my opinion.

For example:

  • HS2 – A waste of money and the wrong focus for the development of this nation’s future infrastructure. The money would be better spent on putting in a nationwide fibre based communications network – something I can never see BT/Openreach ever doing.
  • The continuing joke that is the UK’s foreign aid budget. £12 billion of OUR money given away for reasons that seem rather spurious. (I suspect that this policy of redistributing our money is more about buying political influence around the world and not about bettering the lives of the less fortunate.)
  • Allowing a part of the UK to retain laws concerning female reproductive health, including abortion, that deserve to be consigned to the waste bin of history forever (Northern Ireland).

The new approach should be a three chambered parliament. House of Commons, House of Lords (about time it was made up of elected “lords”!) and the House of the People. And all three have to agree for a new piece of legislation to be passed into law.

I’d also require the House of the People vote to only be accepted if it reached a suitably high quorate – and if it failed to reach that level then the legislation would be abandoned. Why? Well, if the proposed legislation couldn’t attract the voting activity of (for sake of argument) one million members of the electorate then I’d suggest that it was not good enough to be enacted.

Of course, the Powers That Be would be affronted by such an idea as this. We, the plebes, could never be allowed to have such hands on control of the government. It’s for that reason, amongst others, that I think this is a good idea.

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