Ever since we (the UK) dared to vote for Brexit we’ve been bombarded with pro-EU messages by various Remain supporting personages and organisations. The idea is to convince us that we’re hopelessly out of touch xenophobic bigots and morons AND that our vote to leave the hallowed EU was the biggest mistake ever made in a referendum.

The actions of the leading lights of the EU, since the Brexit vote, have made me ever more certain that my vote for Brexit was the right thing to do. Not just for me but for the UK and for the rest of the EU.

Here’s one example….

Chancellor Merkel (Germany), President Hollande (France) and Prime Minster Renzi (Italy) had themselves a mini-summit to thrash out some of the EU’s many woes.

That’s three leaders holding a nice little meeting and ignoring/excluding all the other heads of state. Now I wouldn’t expect them to invite the leader of the traitorous British but what about the leaders of, for example, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Poland etc etc? Surely, if the EU was truly democratic, then no such “mini-summit” would be permitted where the leaders of a small group of “inner-circle” nations could set the agenda for all. Especially when  the issues being discussed could affect every citizen of the paradise that is the EU.

This is just another indication that the EU is run by, and for, a small group of countries (Germany and France with a condescending nod to Italy). The other nations, including the UK, have little or no influence. Nor will that ever change.

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