Apparently, the UK is about to burn £2 million of our cash on a wall to control the refugrants living in the notorious Calais Jungle.

It left me wondering if the decision maker behind this idea had ever heard of the Maginot Line, World War II and the naughty German Army that just went around it? (Okay, the story is more complicated than that but the core lesson remains. A fixed defence is easily bypassed).

This wall just ignores the problem (a large number of refugrants who want to come to the UK) by applying possibly a record breakingly expensive sticking plaster. 

Is this going to end the harassment suffered by drivers using the Port of Calais? No. It will just force the refugrants into trying other ways of forcing vehicles to stop in other places. It moves the problem, it doesn’t fix the problem.

The UK needs to address the refugrant issue head on instead of this piecemeal, ineffective and expensive approach. Perhaps it’s time for our nation, and others like Germany, to revisit the refugrant issue in the light of the 21st Century rather than adhering to rules and charters created in the aftermath of a devastating World War. 

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