In answer to a blog post by that arch greenie Caroline Lucas….


Pubs are meeting places that bring people together? No. That’s more likely to be the local community centre or, in this day and age, an online forum or social media group. Maybe even the local coffee shop, but not the pub.

Pubs are businesses that are dying because our society has changed AND the taxes and regulatory burden they operate under means that they are no longer economically viable.

Does that mean we should attempt to save them? No, of course not and here’s one reason why….

We have had a number of public houses close in my rural area. One closure, and subsequent demotion, generated complaints from the locals BUT the locals also confessed to not using the pub when it was open. They didn’t like using the pub but they thought it wrong to close it down. Is this a classic case of wanting your pub but not wanting to use it?

Pubs are like other dying industries (blacksmiths, coopers, penny-farthing servicing, broadcast TV etc) in that they serviced a need that is rapidly dwindling. “Fighting” to save pubs is as silly as fighting to save your local blacksmith’s forge.

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