It’s been a long while since I last posted due to events that got seriously out of hand and an unscheduled stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure (NHS rather than HMP) but the latest terrorist attack has forced me from my metaphorical sick bed.


Today London was subjected to another terrorist attack. Fortunately an attack that was, reportedly, only partly successful. Thus the numbers of injured are relatively low and there are no deaths reported. Something we can all be grateful for.

The first thing that struck me, as I self-medicated in front of the television, was my automatic assumption that this was the work of a Muslim terrorist. As I write there have yet to be any announcements on the matter of who is to blame for this latest atrocity. For all we know this was an act perpetrated by the Harpenden Freedom Front (see below for details of this shadowy group of middle class terrorists), although I suspect it wasn’t.

The second thing that struck me was related to the near mundanity of the event. Another terrorist attack. Another example of a relatively minor incident that garnered worldwide coverage. Another COBRA meeting that would reassure us all that the powers that be are safely ensconced with a nearly inexhaustible supply of tea and biscuits. No doubt, I thought, there would be a hashtag (#ParsonsGreen), maybe a candlelit vigil and public statements about terrorists not defeating the people of London. I also suspected that someone, somewhere, would invoke the spirit of the Blitz.

It all seems like a tired old joke that no longer even has the power to raise the corners of single mouth.

I am tired of these terrorist attacks. I am bored of the ineffectual response they elicit from our political leaders. I have reached my tolerance threshold when it comes to the apologists who seek to defuse anger and fear in a vain attempt to persuade the British public that their lives are somehow enhanced by the very real risks of a terrorist attack.

Are we truly so worthless in both the eyes of the powers that be and in our own estimations?

Today a small number of people have been harmed. A huge number of people have had their routines disrupted and the media have been almost choking itself to death in its coverage of events. I am left asking the question: “So what happens when it isn’t two or twenty or fifty victims of a terrorist atrocity? What happens when it’s thousands or tens of thousands?”

I feel that we, as a nation and as part of the wider community of liberal western democracies, have been avoiding taking the necessary action to deal effectively with the source of the terrorism that is blighting our societies. It is reminiscent of my own medical situation, the details of which I will spare you, which deteriorated due to my own unwillingness to face up to an unpleasant situation. I was fortunate. The expert care of NHS staff saved my life and forced me to accept my true situation and deal with it. I fear that we, and here I refer to the western liberal democracies, will only take the necessary action to “cure” the problem of religious based terrorism after a similarly life threatening event of a stomach churning magnitude.

To continue the medical based line of thought…

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is a phrase that may well come to haunt us all as much as it has haunted me these past few months.


Harpenden Freedom Front.

A shadowy group of middle class terrorists who have the twin aims of:

A. Increasing the size of the local Waitrose to something able to meet the needs of the local quinoa quaffing classes.


B. Forcibly relocating Luton 50 miles away, in any direction, to prevent possible property value damage.

The group is led by a woman known only as Mrs O. Reputedly a martinet who beats her opponents into submission with a length of hose from her favourite brand of vacuum cleaner!


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