About 15 minutes after the UK electorate shocked the Powers That Be (PTB) by voting for Brexit the campaign started to overturn the referendum’s result.

Now let me be clear, I don’t have a problem with that. Nor do I have a problem with the many people who have openly called for an end to Brexit. If the result had been the other way around, Remain winning instead of Brexit, then I’m pretty sure the Brexit community would have fought just as tenaciously for another referendum.

My problem is that I think the Remainers are succeeding.

Here are my reasons for this pessimistic assessment:

The mainstream media, well most of it, are relentlessly pushing the message that Brexit = Bad and Remain = Good. The PTB know the power of repetition and are using it to spread Fear Uncertainty and Dread (FUD) amongst the voting masses. A very effective tool of the influencing classes.

Denigration of Brexit supporters. If you voted Brexit then you’re referred to as a bigot, ignorant, old, fascist, racist, thick, on the verge of dying, insular, weak minded, gammon etc. It’s using the power of shame to punish those who defied their betters. This is especially prevalent in the social media sphere.

The EU made a number of threatening statements during the referendum campaign. It was clear that they had no intention of making Brexit a smooth and painless process. Now they are making good on their threats. Make no mistake, the EU wants Brexit to hurt as much as possible and want the citizens of the UK to know it.

The UK government is deliberately screwing up the Brexit negotiations. It is my contention that their aim is to create a Brexit deal so horrifically bad that the citizens of the UK would never support it. Perhaps in preparation for the hypothetical second EU referendum.

External influencers like George Soros have not been keeping their opposition to Brexit to themselves. They’ve happily funded campaigns to overturn the referendum result and, much to the Brexit community’s chagrin, they are having an effect. From legal challenges to government actions to unrelenting FUD based propaganda, it all has a cumulative anti-Brexit effect.

The Celebrity Factor
Large number of actors, sports people and other celebrities have come out of the woodwork to support the UK’s continuing membership of the EU. Don’t dismiss this approach, advertisers know the power of celebrity endorsement and so do the Remainers. People, especially those who live vicariously through their favourite media heroes, pay more attention to the mouthings of the famous than the words of any politician or journalist. Their ability to influence should not be underestimated.

I believe that all these factors will come together during a political storm, possibly an election later this year, where the people will be asked to either vote in a second referendum OR they’ll be told that voting for a specific political party will indicate their Brexit/Remain desires. The result will be, I’m pretty sure, a resounding vote to remain in the EU.

Brexit will die as the PTB intended it to. The UK will be returned to the bosom of the EU and our nation will be submerged into the EU Superstate project, never to rise again.

This idea might make some people happy but even the most ardent Remainer should bear in mind that the EU is a vengeful entity and they will not be happy at the return of the prodigal UK. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we suddenly found the EU has some very ugly surprises in store for the traitorous British.

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