A crystal ball for divining the future.
Attribution: Vincent Le Moign

As the days go by it seems more and more likely that my prediction that Brexit will never happen is coming to pass. I know that there are many out there who’d be utterly delighted by this turn of affairs but I warn them that the EU isn’t above holding grudges or seeking a bit of revenge against those who have crossed the line of acceptable behaviour, in their eyes.

Here’s a few guesses as to the price we will have to pay if Brexit doesn’t happen:

  • The total loss of the UK’s EU rebate. We will be expected to ante up as a form of compensation for all the hurt and extra work we have put the EU through.
  • The “encouragement” of the UK financial sector to move from London to Paris and Frankfurt. France and Germany have been eyeing London’s financial business district like a pair of hungry wolves for years and would love nothing more than to strip it bare.
  • The UK to pass on its seat on the UN Security Council to the EU, France will retain theirs. The EU instantly garners greater global credibility and sees the UK diminished on the world’s political stage.
  • Control of the UK’s nuclear deterrent to be “centralised” as part of the EU’s military expansion project. No major power can come to the diplomatic table if it doesn’t have a few nukes to show it means business.
  • The Euro to replace the £ within a relatively short period of time (no more than 5 years). That leads to greater EU control of the UK’s economy and the certainty that the perfidious Brits will never dare to threaten the EU’s expansionist policies ever again.
  • The UK will have no choice but to act as an overspill centre for the growing population of refugrants who find themselves in an ever less welcoming EU. Germany and France have plenty of spare people they think would do better if they only lived amongst the British population AND it would please their own electorates no end.
  • The UK’s political influence inside the EU will be reduced to that enjoyed currently by the Isle of Wight. Probably by a mix of deliberate bullying and use of majority voting practices. Never again will a future Thatcher like figure berate the EU Overlords and be allowed to extract concessions from them.
  • The sacred right of the UK populace to drive on the left will finally by extinguished at the behest of European car makers. Of course, the UK taxpayers will have to foot the enormous bill for all the required infrastructure changes.

Predicting the future is always fraught with the possibility of getting it wildly wrong but in this case I’d love to be so incorrect as to require surgical assistance.

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