David Davis has resigned over May’s Brexit that isn’t Brexit proposal. Supposedly, this is a big deal.

If you believe the very excited chatter on social media then Theresa May would appear to have the political life expectancy of an ice cube in a blast furnace. I’m not so sure if that’s true or if she is all that concerned about her career.

Let’s face it, Brexit was never going to be easy or painless. The EU made that abundantly clear during the referendum campaign. (Yet many people seem to not have noticed this at all. We’re they asleep?) That didn’t bother me as I felt, and still do feel, that the relatively short term pain was worth it in terms of the long term gains in freedom of action, throwing off the yoke of the EU and its Stalinist “ever closer union” aims and unjustifiable protectionist policies.

Theresa May, who openly campaigned for Remain, seems to have created a solution that is Brexit in name only. Hoping, maybe, that the citizens of the UK will reject this option because it’s worse than just staying in the clutches of the EU monster where we have the illusion that the UK has some sort of influence.

As I’ve blogged before, if the people are offered a turd sandwich and are conned into believing that is the only deal on offer (apart from remaining in the EU) then they’ll easily be cowed into wholeheartedly changing their collective minds and embracing the EU nightmare once more.

Was that May’s plan all along? Was the highly publicised meeting at Chequers, with all its accompanying guff about handing over smartphones and ministers facing the immediate loss of even their rides home if they failed to back May’s proposal, just a smokescreen? Just a part of the turd sandwich offering created to persuade a public sick and tired of Brexit that they made a horrendous mistake in the first place and now just need to change their minds?

I can see Theresa May gladly sacrificing her political career to achieve her covert aim (my opinion based on her actions, I have no hard proof) of keeping the UK in the EU. She might lose her position and her party might lose power but I think she’d consider that a small price to pay if it meant the death of Brexit.

We are all truly “cursed” to live through interesting times!

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