The way things are going there is likely to be a second referendum/general election over Brexit. And if/when that happens I suspect a browbeaten and fearful British public will vote to remain in the EU BUT what would happen if the EU refused to accept this reversal in public attitude and insist that the UK leave the EU as per Article 50?
Think about it for a moment.

The EU could insist on a whole new set of concessions from the UK. Force through the EU’s declared desire to end vetoes on important issues. Require the UK to raise its tax levels to make us less competitive. Demand the relocation of major financial businesses from London to Paris and Frankfurt. They might even demand the UK handover control of its nuclear deterrent as part of the deal.

The EU would rightly see themselves as the victors in all this and able to hold the UK over a barrel. What limits would there be to their demands?

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