Tonight the coalition government of the UK got a bloody nose over Syria. Why? Because Ed Miliband actually showed some political leadership.

Instead of taking the easy option Ed took a stand against a jingoistic and ill concieved policy of military intervention against Syria. Good for him and the Labour Party

Don’t get me wrong, watching kids dying from the effects of a poison gas attack makes me as sick as the next man. But I suspect that Western military intervention (US missile strikes) might not be the answer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Western missile strikes kill more Syrians than the gas attacks.

I also think that many UK citizens, me included, don’t trust our political leaders one millimetre. The days of blanket support for UK military actions against Johnnie Foreigner are well and truly over, thankfully. Iraq taught us that our leaders cannot be trusted when it comes to righteous wars aimed at freeing (or is that killing) oppressed masses.

If David Cameron and Nick Clegg hope to convince the British that bombing Syria is going to make a positive difference to the Syrian people then they are going to have to change their approach. They need to finally realise that sticking the Western oar in where it’s not wanted can make a bad situation worse.

2 thoughts on “I Agree With Ed

  1. George says:

    In light of Iraq, he took the easy option. If it wasn’t for 2003 invasion, we’d be hitting Assad with a campaign aimed at reducing the next 100k+ civilian deaths in Syria.

    1. mikehodges says:

      I have to disagree, Ed Miliband took the harder option. It would have been easy for him to follow the coalition’s lead and abrogate his duty as leader of Her Majesty ‘s Opposition. He’d have avoided the media’s criticism and that of the webisphere. Yes, some have used this situation for political gain but I consider that a price well worth paying to keep the UK out of what promises to be another Middle Eastern adventure that will solve nothing and just heap the bodies even higher.

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