My MP, Andrew Percy (Conservative), has done something that many of us ask for but I wonder if either his party leadership or the media agree with. He actually paid attention to the views of his constituents.

Mr Percy actually sent out an email asking for the opinions of his constituents concerning the Syrian situation. I, along with a fair few other North Lincs/South Yorks folk, gave vent to our feelings, making it clear that Syria is a conflict too far.

Our MP took that on-board and voted against his own party. No doubt that is going to attract the ire of the Conservative Whips and party stalwarts but I don’t care. My MP actually did something that I wanted. He actively undermined what I considered to be an insane motion that risked dragging the UK into another open ended military commitment. Something that I doubt would have made the life of your average Syrian one jot better.

So my message to my MP is quite simple. Thank you for doing the job that all MPs should be doing, representing the views and opinions of your constituents over and above the party to which you are affiliated. I know who I’ll be voting for come the next General Election.

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