My response to a comment about my invitation to Mr Trump to come and take tea with me in my humble abode in Lincoln. —————– If I only do business/associate/befriend/listen to people who have never said or done anything just as crass and stupid as Donald Trump then I’d be a pretty lonely person. I’ve witnessed both men and women saying things equally as bad if not far worse as Trump’s widely reported pussy grabbing comment. I’ve also witnessed behaviour that was also reprehensible. (E.G. Dancing on the bonnet of someone’s car, leaving it quite battered.) Some other examples of comments that I’ve personally witnessed come to mind….(Forgive the paraphrasing and I’ve omitting the names of the various “criminals” to[…]

I view the human race as my personal entertainment system and the current US presidential contest has really delivered on that front. Here are my highlights so far. 1. The way both sides have been trying to make out that their candidate cares about you and your needs. What a pile of mouldering moose dung! They will lie, cheat, obfuscate and bluster until their lungs collapse just so you, the “dear sheeple”, will believe what they say. All politicians are in it for THEMSELVES. They are there to grab as much booty as they can and to Hell with you and your snivelling little lives. I’ve even heard radio interviews with the “dear sheeple” who talk as if a candidate is[…]

In the spirit of the petition created to ban Donald Trump from our hallowed shores…… I’d like to start a petition to ban people from entering the UK (or to have those currently resident removed) that hold views/beliefs that I don’t agree with. 1. Religionists of all kinds – they poison the minds of children and the easily lead, stir up hatred and have retarded the development of the human race. Plus, their attitudes towards human population growth put the survival of us all at risk. 2. Dictators, tyrants and other oppressive national leaders. So that’s no more visits to the UK by the leaders of China, Saudi Arabia, Burma, UAE, Qatar, EU bureaucrats, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Russia, Syria etc[…]