With all the excitement of the Labour Conference speech by that waxing star of the Comintern, Red Ed Miliband, this little story may have escaped your notice. I’ll save you the bother of clicking the link by giving you a short précis but feel free to read it while you still enjoy any form of freedom. A shortage of toilet paper, reportedly due to the socialist central planning mode of government enjoyed by the people of Venezuela, has forced the Venezuelan government into emergency mode. Hoarders of toilet paper face drastic punishments and the National Guard of Venezuela has seized toilet paper production facilities to ensure that production and distribution is “monitored”. This isn’t surprising. Socialist states do seem to[…]

Tonight the coalition government of the UK got a bloody nose over Syria. Why? Because Ed Miliband actually showed some political leadership. Instead of taking the easy option Ed took a stand against a jingoistic and ill concieved policy of military intervention against Syria. Good for him and the Labour Party Don’t get me wrong, watching kids dying from the effects of a poison gas attack makes me as sick as the next man. But I suspect that Western military intervention (US missile strikes) might not be the answer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Western missile strikes kill more Syrians than the gas attacks. I also think that many UK citizens, me included, don’t trust our political leaders one[…]