With all that’s going on in the world (and I suspect that a certain David Cameron’s financial affairs have driven steel from the top of the news agenda) this story from The Scunthorpe Telegraph might just have gone unnoticed outside of North Lincolnshire. It’s reported that Greybull Capital (whose website seems to consist of a single page – wouldn’t you find that a little odd? I do.) are asking for a 3% pay cut from the Scunthorpe steel workers to aid them in their attempt to buy Scunthorpe’s last remaining steelworks. I find this a bit weird. A steelworks is an industrial behemoth in terms of size and required funding. There’s nothing small about these places and that includes the running[…]

Tonight’s news coverage is dominated by the announcement that Tata is looking to sell its UK steel making operations. Am I the only one who isn’t surprised by this? Ever since I moved to North Lincolnshire, nearly two decades ago, I’ve been hearing bad things about the future of Scunthorpe’s steelworks. How its future was under threat from cheap foreign imports. How the town of Scunthorpe was dependent on steel jobs. How the local area would die if the steelworks closed. Not to mention the huge hole in the pension scheme that would need a billion pound plaster to heal. None of this sounded good then or now. Yet Tata think they can sell this business off to somebody else.[…]