The other day I found myself in a large NHS waiting area with a considerable amount of time on my hands and little to amuse me other than earwigging into the conversations that were going on all around me. (I know, this is the UK. Why were they talking to each other? Surely they should all have maintained a taciturn demeanour mixed in with the odd suspicious glance cast at their neighbours. Perhaps Brexit has changed all that?) The talk was of inconsequential issues. The minutiae of life that is of great import to the individual but of little value to the rest of us. But I did notice something. One subject kept on rearing its head. It didn’t matter[…]

About 15 minutes after the UK electorate shocked the Powers That Be (PTB) by voting for Brexit the campaign started to overturn the referendum’s result. Now let me be clear, I don’t have a problem with that. Nor do I have a problem with the many people who have openly called for an end to Brexit. If the result had been the other way around, Remain winning instead of Brexit, then I’m pretty sure the Brexit community would have fought just as tenaciously for another referendum. My problem is that I think the Remainers are succeeding. Here are my reasons for this pessimistic assessment: MSM The mainstream media, well most of it, are relentlessly pushing the message that Brexit =[…]

There’s a vocal group of people bemoaning the fact that the UK dared to vote for Brexit during the recent EU Referendum. (And I don’t really have a problem with that, they’re just exercising their right to freedom of expression.) But I was left wondering exactly who the Remainers should be blaming for their failure to win that infamous referendum. Let’s look at the three centres of Pro-EU feeling in the UK, as shown by the EU Referendum results. Data sourced from the Electoral Commission website. Here’s what I found. Northern Ireland Vote for remain: 440,707 Total Electorate: 1,260,955 Percentage of the total electorate that voted remain? 34.9% Scotland Vote for remain: 1,661,191 Total Electorate: 3,987,112 Percentage of the total[…]