David Cameron is apparently set on trying to enhance the UK’s reputation in the eyes of a key ally (the USA) by joining the “Let’s bomb Syria” party. Is that really a good reason to spend millions of pounds, risk the lives of our service personnel and, probably, kill a number of innocent Syrians? I don’t think so. The Prime Minister wants to join the international Bomb-a-thon to supposedly appease the Yanks – they probably think we aren’t doing our bit when it comes to indiscriminate bombing – and to protect us from the threat of IS. This can, according to Dave, be done by dropping lots of expensive ordnance on dusty Syrian towns that are reputed to be boltholes of the[…]

Well it’s happened. A Russian fighter jet has been shot down by Turkey. This was an international incident just waiting to happen. The Russians are obviously more than slightly pissed. Putin will be feeling just a little under pressure and in need of some sort of face saving gesture. The problem is that any face saving gesture might just be seen as an attack on Turkey and, please remember, Turkey is a member of NATO. And an attack on one NATO member is an attack on all NATO members. Whoops. This whole situation is like a 1980s think tank’s scenario for World War III. A messy terrorist/civil war in a Middle-eastern country, a NATO country’s airspace being invaded by Russian[…]

My MP, Andrew Percy (Conservative), has done something that many of us ask for but I wonder if either his party leadership or the media agree with. He actually paid attention to the views of his constituents. Mr Percy actually sent out an email asking for the opinions of his constituents concerning the Syrian situation. I, along with a fair few other North Lincs/South Yorks folk, gave vent to our feelings, making it clear that Syria is a conflict too far. Our MP took that on-board and voted against his own party. No doubt that is going to attract the ire of the Conservative Whips and party stalwarts but I don’t care. My MP actually did something that I wanted.[…]

Tonight the coalition government of the UK got a bloody nose over Syria. Why? Because Ed Miliband actually showed some political leadership. Instead of taking the easy option Ed took a stand against a jingoistic and ill concieved policy of military intervention against Syria. Good for him and the Labour Party Don’t get me wrong, watching kids dying from the effects of a poison gas attack makes me as sick as the next man. But I suspect that Western military intervention (US missile strikes) might not be the answer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Western missile strikes kill more Syrians than the gas attacks. I also think that many UK citizens, me included, don’t trust our political leaders one[…]