It’s been a long while since I last posted due to events that got seriously out of hand and an unscheduled stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure (NHS rather than HMP) but the latest terrorist attack has forced me from my metaphorical sick bed. …. Today London was subjected to another terrorist attack. Fortunately an attack that was, reportedly, only partly successful. Thus the numbers of injured are relatively low and there are no deaths reported. Something we can all be grateful for. The first thing that struck me, as I self-medicated in front of the television, was my automatic assumption that this was the work of a Muslim terrorist. As I write there have yet to be any announcements on[…]

David Miranda has gone from being a relatively unknown person to a global media sensation in the last week. Why? Because he made two mistakes. The first was being in a relationship with a Guardian journalist who has been the proverbial thorn in the sides of the UK and US governments. The second was to attempt to use a UK airport for a connecting flight. The result of this combination is known to us all. Nine hours of interrogation by the UK’s finest anti-terror experts and the confiscation of his electronic devices. Why? As far as I, or anyone else, knows Miranda isn’t a terrorist. He hasn’t been a terrorist nor does he preach a terrorist gospel to a baying[…]